Cat stories

    The feline didn’t venture too far from her spot, seeking refuge beneath a car that was parked nearby. She was curled up into a tight ball, and her eyes were crusty while her fur was unkempt and unclean. The feline was apprehensive of human interaction, which prompted Isabelle to lay down on the […]

It’s quite alarming to think of feline friends having humongous worms in their nose. Regrettably, this isn’t merely a thought as some cats are prone to contracting parasitic infections that can result in severe health concerns. Getting rid of worms in a cat’s nasal passage is a task that demands careful handling and expertise. This

The kitten was found emaciated, exhausted, and hungry, but lucky to be rescued by a kind woman who gave this poor cat love and warmth. The woman had been walking down the street when she spotted the tiny feline huddled in a dark corner, barely able to move. It was clear that the kitten had

Due to a unique genetic mutation, Odd-Eyed Olive is a mesmerizing cat that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. As an Oriental shorthair with a stunning white coat, Olive’s eyes are the standout feature that sets her apart from other cats. While it’s not uncommon for white cats to have unusual

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