By Celeb PHILOGIV Dazzling under the London lights, acclaimed actress Emma Watson graced the UK premiere of “My Week with Marilyn” at Cineworld Haymarket on November 20, 2011. The red carpet event showcased not only the cinematic prowess of the “Harry Potter” star but also her impeccable sense of style.   My Week with Marilyn […]

By Celeb PHILOGIV In a dazzling display of Hollywood glamour, Margot Robbie took center stage at the “Barbie” Celebration Party held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on June 30, 2023. The star-studded event, graced by luminaries from the entertainment world, marked the prelude to the Australian release of the highly anticipated film

By Celeb PHILOGIV In a captivating visual retrospective, we trace the remarkable transformation of Margot Robbie, from her debut at 18 to her current iconic status in 2023. The Australian actress, now a Hollywood powerhouse, has undergone a metamorphosis that transcends mere physical changes, embodying the essence of timeless beauty and cinematic prowess. The early

By Celeb PHILOGIV In an evening that can only be described as enchanting, global pop sensation Taylor Swift graced the world with her presence, and our cameras were there to capture every stunning moment. The songstress, known for her musical prowess and style prowess alike, stepped out tonight in a display of elegance that left

By Celeb PHILOGIV In a captivating episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Episode 0663), the talented actress Emma Watson graced the stage, bringing her trademark grace and charm to late-night television. The episode, which aired on April 27, 2017, became a memorable showcase of Watson’s wit and magnetic presence.   The Tonight Show

By Celeb PHILOGIV In the enchanting journey of Emma Watson’s life, the adage “age like fine wine” takes on a profound meaning. As the talented actress has gracefully matured over the years, her beauty has evolved into a timeless radiance that captivates hearts across the globe. From her early days as Hermione Granger in the

By Celeb PHILOGIV In a regal affair at Windsor Castle, Margot Robbie, the esteemed actress, attended a dinner on May 13, 2014, to celebrate the impactful work of The Royal Marsden, hosted by none other than the Duke of Cambridge.   The Duke Of Cambridge Celebrates The Royal Marsden People: Margot Robbie   The Duke

By Celeb PHILOGIV In a star-studded affair, Taylor Swift illuminated the red carpet at the Renaissance movie premiere in London, captivating onlookers with her timeless elegance. The world-renowned songstress and actress graced the event in a dazzling ensemble, effortlessly blending modern chic with classic sophistication. As the flashbulbs flickered, Swift’s radiant presence stole the spotlight,

Global Pop Sensation Takes Center Stage in New Zealand Extravaganza By Celeb PHILOGIV In an unforgettable night of music and magic, Taylor Swift, the international pop sensation, graced the stage at Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, on March 18, 2012. The concert became a spectacle of energy, emotion, and Swift’s signature charisma, captivating fans

The Argentina Professional Footballer Lionel Messi Spending his time with cute family. You can see here how Messi Spending time with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and kids Thiago, Mateo, Ciro. Lionel Messi with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and kids Thiago, Mateo, Ciro Lionel Messi with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and kids Thiago, Mateo, Ciro Leonel

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