Margot Robbie Radiates Elegance at “Screen Worlds” Exhibition Opening in Melbourne



In a captivating entrance that mirrored her future ascent to Hollywood royalty, actress Margot Robbie graced the opening of the “Screen Worlds: The story of film, television, and digital culture” exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne on September 17, 2009, leaving onlookers enchanted with her timeless elegance.


Actress Margot Robbie poses for photographers as she arrives at the "Screen Worlds: The story of film, television and digital culture" exhibition...
“Screen Worlds” Exhibition Opens In Melbourne
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Long before she captured the hearts of global audiences, Margot Robbie’s presence at the “Screen Worlds” exhibition opening in 2009 was a precursor to her eventual meteoric rise. Dressed in a fashion ensemble that seamlessly blended sophistication with a touch of contemporary flair, the actress effortlessly commanded attention on the red carpet.

Robbie’s poised demeanor and camera-ready charm hinted at the star power that would later define her Hollywood career. As photographers captured her every move, the “Screen Worlds” event became a chapter in the early narrative of a talent destined for cinematic greatness.

The exhibition opening not only celebrated the evolution of film, television, and digital culture but also marked a moment where Margot Robbie, with her radiant presence, became an integral part of that ever-unfolding story. Little did onlookers know that the actress before them would go on to become a cinematic luminary, gracing screens worldwide with her undeniable talent.


Margot Robbie’s arrival at the “Screen Worlds” exhibition opening in Melbourne in 2009 was a prelude to her Hollywood reign, showcasing a budding star with the poise and elegance that would later define her red carpet appearances. The event marked not only the celebration of cultural evolution but also a moment in time when Robbie’s star began its ascent, leaving a lasting imprint on the pages of cinematic history.

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